On a Wing and a Prayer
Genre: Rock / Brit Pop / Improv, for majority of piece then changes to a blissful peace, landing in one piece / 120 BPM / Synth Instruments: Cathedral Organ, Enchanted Soundscape, Taureg Moon Bass, Polymetric Structures.

Best heard with headphones. Turn up the sound and adjust to your preference.

Thank you for having a listen.

My 2023 Releases can also be found on the Home Page "2023 Releases" on the top bar. I've tried to change where it is located with no success. I have just enough time and energy to make the music and not much more time for managing this website. I thank you for your understanding.

* Note: On a Wing and a Prayer is an expression. This expression “On a wing and a prayer.” originated during World War II. Planes were attacked & damaged in battle, pilots returning to base were described as ‘Coming in on a wing & a prayer.’ Patriotic songs were written about it. It appeared in a film called The Flying Tigers in the year 1942. Currently there is a Trailer for a film “On a Wing and a Prayer” being released in April 2023 with Dennis Quaid, based on a true story on an Easter Sunday 2009 flight where the pilot dies mid-flight, with no one else on board knowing how to fly or land the plane. The expression lives on & is morphing. I put my spin of “On a Wing and a Prayer” to a Rock beat improv, adding Cathedral Organ & other synthesizers.