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Thoughts in the Wind

Seems some are allergic to new thoughts

Defending positions, ill-conceived and got

They'll stand their ground 'til they rot!

Their opinion is worth one tiny fraction of a dot!


A note from a friend enchanted &  inspired me

It had me thinking of Life,  Liberty and Charity

There in a vastly larger picture that some don't  readily see

The fog in their mind so thick and all too often covered with insensibility.


The politics of blame and shame

A trail of blood & woe to reach their fame

Has caught my eye in its downward spiral game

Their pointed fingers & lies to make them rich, as they work to make you lame.


But here's the thing that some don't get

Until we learn, we'll keep paying the debt

Do not buy into their scams, or ever let

Anyone turn you into their trophy monkey pet!


The winds of change are blowing fierce at times

As some are scraping for nickels and dimes

As some are cooking' schemes to imprison or excessively fine

As some search for beauty and a way to be sublime.


Seems some are very averse to a variation on a theme

When they're only ideas playing on a familiar dream

Some accept sour for sweet, and never wade into love's kinder sweeter streams

That many mistook and fell in fear, lost in its many poisonous memes.


The wonderful winds of peace are breezing by at times

As some create a melody, or search for a word to rhyme

As some look up at the rest of the mountain they're uniquely born to climb

A setting sun makes its twilight painting in the sky, as thoughts in the wind continue to chime.



Poem: Thoughts in the Wind / by Fran Schultz / March 2016

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