Eye of the Storm Album Cover by Fran Schultz

Released July 29, 2016. Link to Buy the album: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/franschultz8








        Classical Christmas


Fran's first album Classical Christmas is available here.  

Please donate/buy some albums to show your support for this artist's work and/or to aid in her ability to keep this website up and running, as well as make albums available as a CD. 


 Bridge To Love Album Cover


Bridge To Love Contents


Bridge To Love album can be purchased here.




A Dreamer's Dance Album Cover


A Dreamer's Dance contents


A Dreamer's Dance can be purchased here.





Return of Spring Cover 


Return of Spring Contents 


Return of Spring album can be purchased here.





Cosmic Rhapsody cover design by Jeff Green


Cosmic Rhapsody contents


Cosmic Rhapsody can be purchased here.



Memorial Album cover


Memorial Album contents


The Memorial album can be purchased here.





Meditations album cover


Meditations album contents


Meditations album can be purchased here.












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