Resurrection * Music & Graphics Presentation 
by Fran Schultz.

This Podcast/Minicast includes artwork in date order on the theme of the Resurrection by the artists Fra Angelico, Uccello, della Francesca, Borgognone, Grunewald, Bruegel, El Greco, Rubens, Rembrandt, Blake, Bloch, Harold Copping, Arcabas-Jean-Marie Pirot

This and the other mini casts are best seen by clicking on the bottom right in large screen mode and watching on a large computer screen to fully enjoy the artwork.



Music and Graphics Presentation on the theme Transfiguration by Fran Schultz.

Minicast includes artwork on the theme of the Transfiguration. The iconography begins within St. Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai, 565 A.D. mosaic which still exists today, unknown artisans, Fra Angelico, Giovanni Bellini, Pietro Perugino, Rafael, Lorenzo Lotto, and Carl Bloch.



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