Green Comet C/2022 E3
Original Music by Fran Schultz
Genre: Electronic / Digital / Soundtrack / Soundscape / Star Trekish / Space Odysseyish / Digital Music Artistry / Planetarium / The comet will be at perihelion, closest to the Sun on January 12 & at perigee, closest to our planet on February 1, 2023. Hope you enjoy this piece as much as I had fun in making it & anticipating seeing it. Events such as this Comet are once in a lifetime for everyone alive on our planet today. It was discovered in 2022. I've included some more details in the graphic for the music. Many articles about this online that give pause for reflection of just how vast our Universe, and all is moving very fast, yet it seems that things are standing still, out of time and gravity itself. And as we gaze at the stars, galaxies, constellations we are looking at objects at the speed of light from the past, light years away back in time. Mind blowing when I think about it. Great source is NASA for more information. Star Trek attire not necessary or required to listen to this piece. Just a good head set or speakers that you might have to adjust to your liking. Bon Voyage!