From the recording A Christmas Carol Overture

A Christmas Carol Overture * Genre: Classical Crossover
Synths, Bells, Flute Organ, Full Brass
Graphic Design for Music Promo is a Public Domain photo in the background of Charles Dickens 1st Edition that is in the British Library.
The volume, published by Chapman and Hall on 19 December 1843, was an immediate success and the initial print run of 6,000 copies sold out within a matter of days. Dickens had hoped the book would clear his debts with Chapman and Hall but the lavish production, including four woodcuts and four colour plates by John Leech, meant Dickens only made £230 from the first printing. Worse was to follow when a plagiarized version of the book appeared in January 1844. Dickens took the publishers of the pirated edition to court but, even though he won the case, he found himself liable for costs of around £700 when the guilty party declared bankruptcy. His bitterness at the whole affair resurfaced years later when he came to describe the labyrinthine and corrupt workings of the Court of Chancery in Bleak House(1853).